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The MaCle . is a company founded in 1990 by an ' idea Mazzone Clemente , a young entrepreneur who moved to the south of Origin Bell pontine with the idea of creating a company "naturally competitive " a dream has now become a reality thanks to the stubbornness and the way of working which projected beyond the " own garden ." experience gained in recent years has led the company to operate the products in an increasingly natural , focusing on research . The company took shape following the principles of logic , the location of the structures " greenhouses " to the choice of the land , the awareness of belonging to a pristine area .Our company adopts techniques of sustainable agriculture (eco- compatible or integrated ) , therefore favoring those natural processes that preserve the "resource environment," thereby avoiding the resort to practices harmful to the soil (such as intensive processing ) and chemicals (pesticides, hormones, etc. . ) and using renewable energy sources.We produce for retailers and department stores , the production is structured to compensate for long-lasting asthe applications , the technologies used enable us to guarantee the product perennememte in all months of the ' year.We manage the entire process from sowing to lla delivery at the point of sale, operating in full compliance productive.The company is structured in three different areas , located in the plains founded , and has provided production in greenhouses covered with the latest generation , and open fields covered and uncovered .The processing or " finish " on demand also allows you to customize the pakaging , with the required formats .

Type of supply in pakaging in carton:

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The territory

The Plains of funds is that territory of southern Lazio ( Latina Province ) south of the Roman countryside that stretches from Lepinis Ausoni and Auruncis until

Tyrrhenian Sea , including the Gulf of Terracina and , further south , the plain of Fondi to Sperlonga .


The Plains of the Funds, which extends for almost 90 sq km, is between the towns of Monte San Biagio and Sperlonga , also crossed by the state Appia .

In ancient times the Piana di Fondi and Monte San Biagio devoted to agriculture was only one band pedomentana while the flat part consisted mainly of marshes and unhealthy covered by forests ( Selvavetere ) and grassland used for the grazing of cattle and buffalo .

In 1934, the Plain of Fondi, after they had been undertaken systematic works of land reclamation , became part of the Province of the lictor . This (now the province of Latina) was created through the amalgamation of the Pontine with the area of Fondi, Formia and Gaeta already belonged to the Terre di Lavoro.


The optimum soil and climatic conditions , availability irrigation , are of the Pontine Plain Funds and one of the areas with the highest diversification and specialization of agricultural production in the region.

In particular, the fruit and vegetable sector is combining the time-honored cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees typical of the foothills of the Lepine , Ausoni Auruncis and southern pontine (from artichoke Sezze citrus Funds) and the current crops intensive and highly specialized : the kiwifruit between the bearing and the wide variety of vegetables that interest from north to south , in protected cultivation and open field .


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